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Culture and Values

Built on performance

We are Gulf

Ambitious. Driven. Innovative. Proud of our heritage but always forward-thinking. These attributes keep us performing at our optimal best, so that we can offer our proud customers nothing less. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is what enables us to cater to different industry needs, distributors and consumers with our Gulf oil products.

We’ve come a long way since 1901, but our heritage, capability and commitment to make a real difference to the lives of customers and industries has been consistent at every stage of our growth. With agility, a keenness to evolve and a steadfast ambition to give our customers nothing but the best, we have managed to not only endure the test of time, but thrive with it.

All of this would not have been possible without our incredible employees who operate with the same spirit and imagination, going above and beyond to champion innovation and technology as we stride towards new goals and ambitions.

How we make a change

How we make a change

We are part of the Hinduja Group, one of the largest diversified businesses in the world with significant social and charitable contributions. The Group spans all seven continents, has offices in many of the world’s largest cities, and employs over 200,000 people.

Founded by Shri P.D Hinduja in 1914, the Group has always been driven by his philanthropic principles, best exemplified by his quote “My Dharma (duty) is to work so that I can give”.

Keeping that wisdom at the forefront, Hinduja established the Hinduja Foundation in 1944. This foundation is dedicated to charitable and philanthropic activities and operates with the sole purpose of serving society. Firm believers in traditional family values, the Hindujas have all along striven to inculcate the family concept in their business enterprises while following the core philosophy of the Founder.

About the Foundation

Gulf Values

Our values are so much more than a list of promises, they are built into the very DNA of our brand. They sit at the heart of how we operate at Gulf and have done so since our conception. When you choose Gulf, this is what you’re guaranteed.



  • We offer quality products and services to meet market demands. Our customers come first and we always strive to over-deliver.
  • Our products exceed industry standards and just being good is never enough. We only aim for great.
  • All products are subjected to strict audit procedures to ensure consistent high quality. There’s a reason why quality sits at the core of our values, because every measure is taken to ensure it


  • Our strong support of endurance racing dates back to the 1960s. From then until now, the Gulf colours continue to blaze a trail in the racing world..
  • Endurance is also at the heart of our relationships with our customers and partners. Like any strong relationship, it endures because we never stop working at it.
  • This spirit is integrated within everything we do. We keep going through every obstacle and inspire our customers to do the same.


  • Our brand exudes a winning mentality. We are a heritage brand with over a century of experience, yet we maintain the fresh approach of a challenger brand.
  • We’re truly flexible in how we operate. The world moves fast and we’re committed to keeping up and adjusting as needed, both as a brand and as a business.
  • We have a genuine commitment to go the extra mile. We don’t slow down to take a victory lap, we continue working to make sure that we keep on winning.

A winning team


All of our employees make a difference. We hire exceptional talent and foster an environment where they can excel. This is why we recognise and celebrate our long serving team members, because every milestone we have proudly achieved has been thanks to their efforts, loyalty and commitment. It’s their skills and insights that drive our business and ensure that Gulf remains a diverse, inclusive and forward-thinking workplace.


Our leadership team

Our leadership team

First and foremost, we are all one team; from our frontline colleagues to the leaders of our Board. Together, our combined efforts have made Gulf what it is today. Our leadership team have wholly committed themselves to the respective success of our company and drive the spirit of our brand that keeps us performing at our peak. Striving to do better is our primary pursuit. Achieving it every day is a role that everyone plays.

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