Chennai Super Kings

Gulf Oil International x Chennai Super Kings

Gulf Oil International xChennai Super Kings

It all comes down to the pursuit of success, a winning spirit, and a love for sport.

The Gulf partnership with the Chennai Super Kings spans over a decade and we take pride in backing them all the way to victory. From the roar of the crowd to the palm-sweating performance we’ve come to expect from The Chennai Super Kings’, not only does it inspire us, it's the ultimate demonstration of teamwork and consistent, peak performance — a reminder that together, we are unstoppable.

Gulf understands the simple joy of pushing yourself to, and sometimes beyond, your limits, developing your ability to perform and endure under the most demanding conditions, with each athlete striving to be the best they can be.

What better way is there to show that energy and drive than to collaborate with an iconic team like the Chennai Super Kings, who exemplify the very definition of passion and drive for the game.

Passion for the game

The Chennai Super Kings have captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans because of their superior and consistent performance on the field. This is one reason why we remain proud partners of one of the hardest playing and most loved teams for over ten years.

Every good team listens to feedback from their fans and the Chennai Super Kings are no different. Gulf also listens to feedback from its customers and this has led to us creating best-in-class products that address their needs.

Each Gulf partnership we have with teams, organisations and ambassadors, mirrors our values of passion, endurance, and excellence. Cricket embodies these values, and the Chennai Super Kings have demonstrated this repeatedly by deftly navigating the tension and pressure that comes with each game.

Ten Years Together

With the legendary MS Dhoni as the face of Gulf for years, and our partnership with the Chennai Super Kings, we have shown the depth of our commitment to cricket.

Gulf’s 10+ years of partnership with the Chennai Super Kings also exemplifies the type of dedication we have shown towards our customers for nearly a century. We work hard to understand what our partners and customers require, and what started as a simple desire to provide the best service has evolved into a decade of commitment to a partner, and a century of dedicated service to our customers.

Yes to the game


The Chennai Super Kings have steadily risen to the top of the Indian Premier League and have become legends in their own right since their inception in 2008. They have received numerous honours, awards, and trophies and are regarded as one of the most valuable teams in the Indian Premier League. Captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings carry with them the hopes and dreams of millions every time they step onto the field.

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality are reflected in the alliances and products we create. This is why the Gulf and Chennai Super Kings partnership is widely celebrated.